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In Nova Scotia, FDR to The Rescue

A few weeks ago at the Think Concrete blog we devoted several posts to talking about the value of Integrated Paving Solutions. Here, from Canada, is another example of Integrated Paving Solutions at work, this time full-depth reclamation.

For years the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) was dealing with an increase in ruts, potholes and severe cracking due to increases is axle loads on streets and highways. These problems are often not caused by normal surface wear and may be the result of a failed or inadequate base course.

NSTIR officials, who were also dealing with decreasing funds for road maintenance, began looking for ways to save time, materials and money -- yet to also upgrade the condition of their roads.

NSTIR began to investigate full-depth reclamation (FDR) with portland cement to rehabilitate the roads. A top priority was to salvage these existing pavements at the end of their service lives.

Working with PCA and the Cement Association of Canada (CAC) Atlantic Region, NSTIR began using FDR-PC for its first project in Nova Scotia in November 2007. Since 2007, NSTIR has constructed a total of seven FDR-PC projects totaling 40.6 km (25.2 miles) and utilizing 4,300 tons of portland cement.

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