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RCC Used For Service Plazas in Ohio

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is being used for two new service plazas in Ohio, following a decision by the Ohio Turnpike Commission to consider other options in the face of continuing increases in the costs of asphalt. Work began on the more-than-140,000 square yards of RCC on August 1 and is expected to be completed in October.

Although much of the pavement will receive a 3-inch asphalt surface, the travel trailer and employee parking lots will remain as exposed concrete. The RCC thicknesses range from 6 inches for the automobile parking, 8 inches for the truck, bus and trailer parking, to 10 inches for the truck and bus parking access routes.

Roller-compacted concrete is an ultra tough zero-slump concrete with compressive strengths greater than 4,000 PSI. It is placed with asphalt pavers to form a non-reinforced concrete pavement. RCC pavements with a thin asphalt or concrete surface can serve as a high-strength base for roads and streets, such as subdivisions, high-volume intersections and inlays. Unsurfaced RCC is best suited for low-speed industrial or military applications where surface smoothness and appearance are secondary to high durability, low maintenance and low initial cost. Among the advantages to RCC are low initial cost, fast construction and a fast return to service for asphalt rehabilitation.

PCA, which assisted the Turnpike Commission throughout the design process, participated in an open house construction tour of the project last month. The tour was organized by the North Ohio Concrete Association and attracted 42 paving professionals, many of whom were seeing RCC for the first time. The program included a brief overview presentation on RCC and the project specifics, followed by a tour of the batch plant and RCC placement operation.

Miller Brothers Construction, Archbold, Ohio, is serving as general contractor for the project. Kuhlman Corp., Maumee, Ohio, is producing the RCC for Complete General Construction, Columbus, the placement contractor.

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