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PCA's Michelle Wilson Tapped To Judge Canoe Competition

The American Society of Civil Engineers last week announced the elite group chosen to serve as judges for the 2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition to be held June 16-18 at the University of Evansville in Indiana. Included in the group is Michelle Wilson, PCA director of concrete knowledge. For more than two decades, civil engineering students have come together each June to see if the thousands of hours they have spent researching, designing and constructing canoes made of concrete have paid off. In turn, each summer a group of five leading industry professionals is also challenged with the daunting task of determining which team will take home the “America’s Cup of Civil Engineering.” 

The best and brightest from 24 top engineering schools compete in four categories—the aesthetics and structural integrity of their canoe; a technical design paper highlighting their planning, development, testing and construction; an academic presentation covering their canoe’s design, construction, racing ability and other innovative features, and, of course, the performance of the canoe and its paddlers in five different races—men’s and women’s slalom/endurance races and men’s, women’s and co-ed sprint races.

2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition

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