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Pervious Concrete Touted As Environmentally Friendly

Interesting article in yesterday’s Boston Globe about pervious concrete (An idea to make roads greener). “An environmentally friendly road pavement is growing in popularity as area communities seek ways to reduce the amount of storm-water runoff polluting waterways. Pervious pavement, also known as porous concrete, allows rainwater to seep through it, rather than forming puddles or running off the surface.”

The articles notes that the communities of Groton and Ashland in Massachusetts have used pervious concrete to pave sidewalks, a parking lot and a boat ramp in recent months, while Littleton used it for sidewalks as much as four years ago.  The Groton Town Hall parking lot was paved with porous concrete through a grant from the State Department of Environmental Protection, which is encouraging municipalities to use the material as part of their efforts to limit storm-water runoff and protect groundwater supplies. 

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