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When Recovery Comes, Not All States Will Fare Equally

Cement and conctete construction will remain flat over the next two years, according to the Portland Cement Association's recent regional forecast.

And when recovery does come, not all states and construction markets will fare equally. Both the timing and strength of recovery could vary significantly from region to region.

North Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, Arkansas, and Wasihngon, D.C. have the strongest relative construction fundamentals. On the other end off the spectrum, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Mississippi, and Rhode Island are weakest.

Once the onset of recovery takes hold, the timing will differ among regional markets. The top five states that will lead the housing recovery are North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Nebraska, and Iowa. 

North Dakota, Alaska, Washington, D.C., Texas, and Nebraska are the most promising for commercial construction recovery, and Montana is also emerging in the commercial sector.

Map of recovery by state

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