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Fruitful Seed

The seeds of the plants may seem trivial, but God has placed so many nutritional treasures in them that they have been researched for a long time and so far many such seeds have been traced which are endowed with innumerable medical benefits. Wealth is.

Here are the benefits of a few batches:

Basil seeds: These are black/gray colored seeds that have the best storage of omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains minerals such as fiber and calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. It is especially good for bone and dental health. In extreme heat, it is very beneficial to take Malanga seeds in lemon water, syrup, or milk.

Pumpkin seeds:

They contain antioxidant ingredients that fight against any type of inflammation that occurs in the body. They also reduce the effects of aging, the vitamin E found in them.

While very useful for the skin, it is also an important food for cancer patients, people with heart disease, and people suffering from diabetes. Its seeds are used in nuts, fruits, and other sweet dishes. Can be used in (Sweet Dishes).

Linseed seeds:

Linseed is a plant with small delicate leaves from which oil is extracted. They contain fiber, three types of fatty acids, and antioxidant ingredients that are especially beneficial for cholesterol. This seed is our body’s immune system

They can be used with salads, milk, and sandwiches, etc. by grinding them well.

Sunflower seeds:

These seeds are also rich in vitamin E, which is very beneficial for patients suffering from joint pain. They contain calcium which helps in blood flow and is also beneficial for bone and dental health. They can also be fried, boiled, and used as cooking oil.


They are full of nutrients and help us to heal wounds quickly and heal diseases quickly. They contain ingredients that protect against bone and joint pain in particular. They also improve blood circulation. This is especially beneficial for people with headaches. They can also be used in frying, making laddu, as a flock, in sweets, buns, biscuits, and their oil.

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