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Light the candle for your part

Fatima was born into a middle-class family. She had two brothers and an older sister. Her mother would dress her two brothers early in the morning in clean uniforms. She used to make hot breakfast with her own hands.

Tiffany would be put in his bag and the two brothers would put the bag in his armpit and go to school crying because they did not want to go to school and they were forcibly sent to school. On the other hand, Fatima used to watch him go to school with sad eyes. Fatima was seven years old but had not yet been sent to school.

Didn’t even her great-grandmother ever go to school because her father wondered what kind of job the girls had to do to study? It is better to learn housework which can be useful for them. Fatima would secretly pick up the books of her brother Asad, who was a year older than her and would be happy to see the colorful pictures. But if Dad saw the book in her hand, he would shake it and she would go to a corner of the house crying.

Seeing his interest in studies, his mother hid from his father and enrolled him in a nearby government school. Fatima used to go to school after her father’s work and take lessons from her teacher.

When the teacher saw Fatima’s devotion to her studies, she began to pay more attention to it. This went on for a long time but one day my father saw Fatima going to school. They took her by the hand and led her home, locked her in a room, and said strong prayers to her mother.

When the teacher of the school saw that Fatima had not been coming to school for a few days, he informed her from her house. Realizing that Fatima would never be able to come to school again, she consulted with her staff and called an influential elder in the neighborhood who was well aware of the benefits of educating girls.

Accompanying him, two schoolteachers went to Fatima’s house and explained to her father that daughters are just as important as sons. It is important to pay attention to their education. Educating a girl is like educating the whole family and you have a school very close to your home. It became a dark thing under the lamp that girls came from far and wide to study and those close to them were drowned in the darkness of ignorance.

Hearing the well-reasoned arguments of Khair Astani Ji, Abaji became convinced and he promised to teach Fatima. Time passed Fatima always scored higher than her brothers in reading and always prayed for her teacher from her heart, whose efforts allowed her to read. If all the teachers try to know the problems of the children who are dropping out and if their efforts brighten the future of anyone, then understand that he has done his part and lit another candle.

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